Beating all-time Warriors in Domination

How did you guys defeat the Warriors in all-time domination? I shoot 75% from the field, 65% from three and still lose. I run money plays, off-ball on defence, but they still outscore me. What’s the best cheese for this particular occasion?

pick and fade with the center

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Off-ball tight, stay attached yes to all and half court trap at least half of the game :slight_smile:

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Good luck with the last game after the patch.

What changed? I still half half the teams to beat in all-time.

Full Court Press use second man to steal the ball after inbound. Its not about scoring so much than defense. Blocks and steals that lead to fastbreak assisted dunks get you a ton of MT. Trying making sure you get 10 FT. If the game is close like 6-8 points with a 1min to go. Intentional foul them to get it to 6 point lead and play the FT game to get your 10 FT.


I really cheesed it when it came to all-time dom and went big.

C - Shawn Bradley
PF - Bill Walton
SF - Draymond Green
SG - Kristaps
PG - I alternated with sapphire Giannis/Lebron and sometimes put Amy Durant with the Draymond duo boost. Usually if I played Durant it would be a complete blowout with transition Durant threes. I was buying contracts though so I didn’t use Durant all the time.

My main offensive move was call for a Kristaps post up every play and drop step and score which would work almost 100% of the time. As for defense I just off balled with the Center or PF and got blocks when I could. I also made sure to set all off ball screens to switch which can kill a lot of teams offense. Going big also obviously hurts teams post ups. You can also switch on ball screens but I only did that when their pick and rolls were having too much success.

My bench was also bigs except for the PG. I had diamond finley so I used him at PG and just did the inbound transition 3’s cheese. And if that didn’t work I just called pick and rolls/fades and tried to drive for 10 free throws. I always made sure to get the 10 free throws, but I probably didn’t really need them outside of maybe the final 3 games that require more MT. If the post up smaller player cheese is working well you will probably get a decent amount of MT if you are also defending okay enough.

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Thanks for the detailed description!

You should also change the settings in the Coach settings menü, set the help defense to 0, then you can easily off ball with the Center

Its so crazy that All-Time was easier than Fantasy to me.

Interesting insight… I never touch these settings!