Base TBT pack

Is it possible to pull PD from it?

I dont think so, everytime I press y or triangle over that pack, it excludes the pink diamond

yes it ls possible. it says it in the description.

I wouldn’t waste mt or vc on the base packs, the fact that the other packs give you atleast one player from the set means you’re making something every single pack

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Agreed but the deluxe packs suck too, the cny packs almost made me vomit.

I try to make my mt off of just the deluxe throwback packs… I might open one little box of whatever set or something is out but I feel like those are just a waste, watching troydans pack openings really shows how bad the odds are when he’s dumping hundreds into the game and it pulling cards

The first packs i ever opened wer ad packs n i pulled his pd, after that i opened tb’s n pulled the glove, since then I haven’t pulled shit, literally nothing… amethysts that go unsold at 6k lol. $250 on shaq packs to not even pull penny. $150 on cny didnt even make me 100k. I guess they win, juiced my packs at the start, reeled me in and sucked me dry lol.

It’s possibly they juice them when they see you havnt invested money in, it’s hit or miss, I don’t put any more than 20 in the game, if I get who I want sweet if not I work the auction house