Base league moments

To open base league moments packs from TTO or hold off for some new moments …

I have never gotten a moments card in those packs before despite the name.


Kinda feel like I should just rip them. It says emerald player the best you can get anyway

Yah I rip and hope for good badge or a silver.

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They coulda put out more inspiring moments after the weekend games for sure

Base packs are good for silvers

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Rip them , it’s a one in a million shot you get any moments from a free pack. You can’t get amethyst s anyway

You cant get amethysts from those? I got like 3 and waiting to rip. How about the heat check, they can have any tier in them?

Never gotten a moments card from TTO packs. Not once.

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Got a bunch of silvers so it’s a W

First thing I thought of reading this! :joy:

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