Base Heat Check locker code really sucks


A base Heat Check pack? Not even a gusranteed Heat Check player. Omg.

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That was yesterday :joy:

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Its free.

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Whatever day it was it sucks


I thought they drop PD melo


At least put some token or MT slots in there


They are putting out a pd melo locker code today don’t be salty


I changed the Title lol


I got HC Jarrett Allen,

Gonna sit on him for a bit and let HC code die out


It drove down the prices of some of the heat check prices for the collectors …

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I got HC Blake Griffin. He’ll meet the AH on Saturday.


An empty Frito’s bag outside in the dumpster is also free


Yeah, at this stage in the game we don’t really need these kind of locker codes, especially considering that 2k has been putting up extremely rare cards.

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My main problem with the locker code is that every slot has Heat Check cards. There are no chances for tokens or MT.

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