Base 98 dislikers

I can’t be the only one that doesn’t like this release and just can’t get it down, I know people swear by the players that have it and can destroy people online but it’s just too fast for me…any others with this similar problem?


You’re alone


I think everyone struggles with it at first since it’s so fast. I used to hate the shot until I practiced with Rice. Shooting in freestyle really helps.


Good point…thread closed :joy::joy:

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Turn meter on. With the update there’s no lag and it’s extremely easy.


I’m in the same boat. Never got comfortable with it.

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you keep practicing and you will get the shots down , i wasnt the biggest fan at first either


It’s also the only jumper where you can really shoot in someone’s face like Base 11 last year.

I like base 98 a lot.

But it’s not the best catch and shoot release; it’s better off the dribble.


whats the best catch and shoot release u think then @jdealla?

Tmac lol


Base 11 is the best I’ve used this year for catch and shoot. Odom and Pettit have been automatic for me and register some low % contests like in 2k19 bc Of the unnatural jump. Unlike last year tho, it’s not that good off the dribble.

Base 98 is insane off the dribble. The way to use Wade, Rice, Caldwell is as a primary ball handler that create shots for themselves. Sticking them in the corner and letting others do the work is less effective

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It kind of clicked right away with me. You barely need any space and cpu defenders don’t react to the jumper. I’ve made 10% contested 3s with Porzingis and other giants right in Wades face.

And after using Caldwell a ton. I could feel the difference between 98 and Wades base. Caldwells shot felt faster and cleaner but after the shot buffs yesterday Wade/Rice/Caldwell jumpers are insane.

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Jamison’s release is cash y’all. CASH.



I agree base 98/Wade is good off the dribble but in catch and shoot situations you can make passes for open 3s that other cards have no chance to get off.

Passing to a barely open Rice still registers as Open lol. Wade, Caldwell, Rice is a shit ton of fun.

How much he going for right now? Probably won’t pay more than 300k

Dante Exum, 38, Ray Allen

Like 160k. Cheap.

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the Trey Burke’s are the best c&s for me (TMac, demar, Walter Davis)

MJ’s is good too

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