Base 11?

What released cards have it?

AK, Granger, Hedo, Kiki? Anyone else - what does Brandon Roy have?

Thanks in advance.

Not a big fan of Hedo’s release, it’s hard to Green for me

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Tommy gugs

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All of these guys are tough for me too - Granger just seems to get more buckets as all of his shots register as open.

They’re quick releases, but to me, JR has the best quick release period

I’ll bet they give it to Ilgauskas too if he gets a card

An ilgauskas card that jumps as high as AKs release would be fuckin hilarious

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Literally wouldn’t be able to contest

Now imagine Manute, George Mirasan, Shawn Bradley, Yao Ming, etc. with that release.

You joke but I’m pretty sure Mark Eaton’s release is Base 11

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Holy Crap! You might be right! LMAO

Giannis point guard with a base 11 ilgauskas pick n pop lol

Testing now lol

whats melos cuz his is pretty quick. camby too

Base 420!

Wait wrong guy

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nah im that guy

Hard to tell but eaton might have it haha its super quick. Im just no expert in that area

I find it a little odd that you made an acct in April and you seem new on here. U take a long break?

From experience I think Roy, Hedo, and Gugliotta have the same release (base 8?) but Granger, Kirilenko and Kiki have a different one (base 11) . The former is better off the dribble and the latter is better off the catch.

Sees 508 in 508G37

This doesn’t make any sense