Base 11 how tf do yall use it

Alright so @LuckyKid , @508G37 , and I seem to be at a consensus that we’re more comfortable with slow smooth releases like Peja, PG, klay, Jimmy B, etc.

For me I always thought it was just preference but @HollygroveMikey4MVP was saying he’s going to put together a little video of tips and advice for bass 11.

Since it’s the “cheesiest” release we got in 2k I thought I’d probe the forum see if y’all had any tips as well?

What looks do you find base 11 is the most consistent on? What do you do differently with base 11? Do you even time your shots???lolshitissofast mine usually only go in when I feel like I released too early.

also just got fiber so I hope to see that reflect in my shooting cause ya boy been struggling on these servers but beyond that I just have never been able to consistently green fast shots like that even J.R. Was hard for me


You close your eyes and tap quick. Apparently thats what cheesers do

Corner three base 11 is green give me any space green… base 11 is life …


Cheese to hell

I’m with you slow release and smooth too damn good


Nice to see you brotha!! yeah like I usually only take wide open 3s so as long as they’re not dumb slow like Ray allen I can usually manage. What other players have good releases?

Jimmy butler got the best in the game no cap


Bigfax b I see no lies

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Try tmac

Slow releases are near unusable for me, especially for a shooter coming off picks. I don’t have any base 11, but I had Arenas and I loved the release. It’s just a matter of practice.

My favourite releases in the game are Carmelo Anthony and Marcus Camby.

I was once like you. It’s going to take a lot of practice, but it helps if you understand the time frame you’re shooting in and some of the player animations. Once you have the timing down. You’ll likely not miss and be able to shoot smothered shots. I’m gonna try to put something together for you guys.

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To me a truly slow release is someone like Kidd. I feel Klay’s is actually pretty fast, but not too fast. My experience with Base 8 and Base 11 is that they’re too fast and I almost never green them.

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There’s also a lot of speed variations amongst the base 11 cards. Kiki, Drazen, Gil are way too fast for me, while I can green Hedo, Worthy, AK, and Granger easily. I like those releases but actually prefer Klay, Webber, and PG over base 11

It’s just a button tap with a little extra force from your thumb. That’s all. I’ve migrated away from it. KD, Murray, Kobe are probably my favorite releases

a lot of reps in freestyle becomes muscle memory

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Only fast shot I can time is BRoy and Melo those are straight money base 11 for bums

I like smooth releases over fast. Melo is about the fastest I’ll use, Kobe is my preferred

Yeah, base 11 is horrible. And the animation itself with so much lift is ugly looking shit.

I don’t even use Base 11 anymore and I could time it perfect 10/10 times. I’ve used Kiki Hedo and Gilbert in the past. I hated it with Kiki but I learned that you just gotta get use to it. You can’t really time it, it’s fully muscle memory. Once you get it down it’ll go from being the hardest release in the game to the easiest and other releases will become harder because you’ll be used to Base 11. But yea once you get it down it’s brutal everyone should

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I understand not preferring fast releases but it’s so godly that you’re simply playing yourself if you don’t learn it/refuse to use it. Shots that would be contested with every other card in the game often aren’t with base 11

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