Baron Davis Is Very, Very Good

Tried out PD Baron a little while ago… this card is fucking awesome. Just thought I’d let everyone know.

Also, the Warriors swept Lebron.




Crazy he’s a bin in ps4

Already?! Price?

98k-100k ps4

Sheesh no recovering now. It’ll probably just keep dropping

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No, the warriors swept the Cavs. BIIIIIIIIIG difference.

Can anybody confirm PD Baron is BIN?

There’s one for 100k on ps4 rn

Should I follow suit? Odds are he slightly recovers or he continues to drop. More throwback pink diamonds are coming too. His pull rate is so fucking high

Get him NOW. I’m DOMINATING with him. Vest dunker in the game.

Christ. I thought they would cut the faucet off. 2k devs are crooks dude. Any other release is like drawing water from sand in the desert

Oh no, I have one to sell. No use for Davis really.

He’s so good though lol. Grab a diamond John Wall with red Kyries if you don’t want BD. I’m loving the wall card.


He really is amazing and if your opponent does not have him aswell it’s completely unfair lol

I played with my bench more than my starters this round because of Baron he fun as hell to play with lol

This PD Baron is better than my PD Russ from last year. I can’t believe it’s so cheap lol.