Baron/Curry backcourt?

Y’all think I can get away with this backcourt for my bench? I got Baron already but really wanna try that Curry. They’d be small but seem like they would compliment each other nicely.

No wat

Curry would have to play sg I guess

Yup I think @anon11689187 said he runs him there and he’s solid

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Curry is good at SG offensively, but he can get exposed defensively. Baron can hold his own so put him on the tougher guard matchup.

Yea I run curry at SG. Works for me

He’s gonna get scored on no matter where he is but his offense can override it. You can easily smack 6-8 threes a game with him. And he WILL make some big plays. I got a game winning block on a Greek freak with him once. Just trust your stick skills and trust in the 2k bullshit

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He was my favorite player until we got harden, but since he’s been in 2k I can’t get his release lol. So sad

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