Banned :(

Just got banned for 2nd time offense, is it a perma ban or 1 month?

should be 30 days

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bought MT?

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The correspondence they put out was 1st 10 days, 2nd 30 days, 3rd time permanent bam.

I hear people saying they ‘have ways’ etc, those ways might work for a day or something but 2K knows who buys and sells. There’s no way to beat that system.

I also believe they WONT ease up post 250k. I think they will really hammer it all year to make people think MT buying is dead on arrival in 2k24.

What method did you use? If you dont mind

It is a shame since the packs are a scam that only teach our kids to gamble and the cost of MT is now so cheap.

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Just be easy like me and only get 40-60k at a time

I used the auction method … like 400k … i was dumb … guess ill just buy on my xbox :sunglasses: IF i want to give 2k money

Are MT buy bans more frequent this year?

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Oh yea , they are really strict now i have never got caught before this year …

Yeah never happened to me too. Wish this won’t be the first time lol

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400K bid with Opal Card?

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I know, dumb

I can still play on xbox right? Ahh shhh hope i didnt waiste 25$

Thought I couldn’t hate 2k more after the 1st ban wave but I hate those pieces of shit even more. The last wave was 2weeks ago and there’s probably gonna be another wave in 2 weeks right after the 250k tourney. F**k 2k.

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Yea luckily i have an xbox but have to start from the bottom again i know its my fault but 2k makes people do this wirh their high prices and horrible odds

What is the new method for buying mt? Haven’t played in a while since i got the 10 day ban a couple weeks ago

You shouldnt but mt if you dont want to get banned, 2k just emailed me saying my ban is only till 3/25 ggs :sob: