Banana boat challenge tips

This is probably been posted 1000 times but I’m currently trying this challenge for the first time and I’m probably gonna lose so I’m looking for any advice to keep a lead cuz I had a 10 point lead at half and they just destroyed me in the 3rd and I’m currently down 3 with like 2 mins left so I’ve just accepted I’m gonna lose lmao. So does anyone have a good solid way to beat this team?

Yeah so those 2 mins they scored another 14 points and put me away def needs some advice

My advice to anyone struggling against the cpu is bucks freelance and triangle/Y cuts. Also magic can get to the hole anytime against ai controlled centers in this freelance

Posting up and drop stepping …pick and rolls

I’m not really having trouble scoring it’s somehow trying to stop them from scoring, I’m not really if that’s possible, they hit contested shots just as much as open. I’m not stressing too much over a diamond zo but seeing 16/17 completed bothers me

2-3 zone just worked for me. Do not let melo shoot. The trailblazers play just murdered them, melo blew by them everytime

You will get it done…if you lose Just try again, sometimes the pc will play shitty

Call a lot of timeouts, and dont get pissed… sounds simple but it works

Sheesh third times a charm. The score was like 40 to 33 I just posted up cp3 and AI the entire game

You weren’t kidding they made like 10 field goals no joke

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Works everytime…the key is to not play another mode, exemple: if u lose play again right away…cpu Will be a bit weaker…lose again they Will be weaker etc…