BAM better at the 4 or 5?

Where ya’ll running him?

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Starting 4, situational 5

Cool. Who you got beside him?

PD Giannis at the 3
PD Shaq at the 5

What offense freelance do you run though? Some people like undersized 3 pt specialist like Bird or quick guys like Giannis. Im guessing you run 2 bigs?

Is he must grab? The council feels strongly about this man

Mainly my half court offense is 3 hunt with Wade, or easy Shaq bail out bucket and scoring in transition.

How does that freelance look? Im used to running hawks so stretch bigs are all i look for

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Im just freestyling reading and reacting. I love Hawks freelance.

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Okay then who runs your 5 in Hawks? Surely shaq isnt shooting lol

Shaq sets the screen, Wade takes the 3.

Edit: See this what I do with Shaq/Wade. Earv nailed it.

considering he is 6’10 I would assume he would be very vulnerable at centre.

What do y’all think he’ll settle at price wise tomorrow?


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I run Moses at C :upside_down_face:

Yes but outside of AD and Shaq bam is really quick. So you could run him as a stretch 5 and use him for pick and pops

does he gold up against physical centres like wilt and yao?

He cant defend Yao but he does well against Porz and etc.