Ball Drop

can someone post a pic of where they dropped the ball for mj? a lot of us would appreciate it. thanks!

saw this on twitter


The ball drop is luck. You can drop the ball in the same spot a 100 times and you will probably only land on the desired spot 25 of the 100 times.


i was just saying a drop that gives you a decent chance

This is nuts. At least give decent consolation.

But which direction in that picture? Did they say?

Do you happen to know which direction

Ain’t no skill to the ball drop lol its completely luck even if you drop it right in the corner.

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I bet from the right. It would then bounce off that left side peg and head back towards the edge.

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Thanks bro

Can’t say that for certain, but I’ve used the same general strategy. Bouncing it off a peg right away seems to give you the best chance to make sure the ball heads towards the correct slot (at least to start).

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I cant really say i have an exact strategy. But ive had tremendous luck w the tt ball drop when it has one diamond pack. Ive gotten it ALOT of times. I have a shit load of shoes n contracts.

Where are you dropping?

Tbh im just dropping a lil to the right of where the diamond pack is. So kinda keeping it right over top of the pack im targeting. Like i said not much of a strategy but its working. Ive got 6 or 7 contracts i used a cpl. N prob 10 shoes. Maybe more ive used a few of them too.

Did this method and it worked but it’s all luck at the end of the day

Does this work?

So ball must be going from left to right?


I did mine 3 slots from the left with the ball moving left

I’m 2/2 with these players ones, last night I was missing like crazy going for packs on the TTO boards. It mostly luck it bounced on the dividers before landing in the MJ slot.

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