Bagley is ridiculous

Highly recommend this budget beast. He has crazy long arms and a player model that looks 7’2. He has a fast cross and the BTB that creates the most space. When he gets his takeover which is slasher, he can speedboost with 86+ speed, speed w ball, and ball handle. He’ll be able to beat centers who only have gold clamps off the dribble with his HOF quick first step. No idea why I was taking fades in the video since he doesn’t have the deep fades badge but his animation is money. On defense he definitely gets it done with HOF intimidator and gold clamps is enough with his long player model, as thanks to HOF chase down artist he gets crazy block animations from behind. Super easy jumpshot as well that’s pretty quick. If he had deep fades and range extender he’d be a hidden opal, but this card is a must have for NMS players and anyone who wants to dominate tto.


Nice. His Amy from the Generation Next set was a god.


good to know - I have packed 5 of him out of 40+ packs (and not a D, PD or, ofc, GO)

lucky man am I not

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this is why you shouldn’t open packs my guy, consider it a lesson learned


Yeah, all prime cards at Amy and Ruby are budget beasts.

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Ruby Thon Maker
Amethyst Bagley
Amethyst Lance
Sounds like a fun tto squad to me.


Sounds like an Opal killing EQ magnet, that team is cheese.

Looks Like Marvin Godly :joy:

No need to lock in, they gave him KAT’s animations lol

How good is bagley??

He’s very long, can shoot and dribble. And has some dope hof badges. So far he’s great for me, dunks everything and can take bigs off the bounce and swat shots. He’s my 1K MT opal KAT :rofl:


Don’t remind me :roll_eyes:

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Thanks man.
Can he defend some of the PD and Galaxy Opals?

He is great.