Badging up PD Worthy and Shoe Boost

So I got Worthy yesterday and don’t know what I should do Badge and Shoe wise.

The open 3 is butter so I don’t really feel the need to boost that. I wanna boost Speed with Ball, Ball Handle maybe Pass Accuracy. What else?

Badge wise I think you can go a lot of ways.
I added Clamps so far.

Maybe Rebound Chaser, Middy Magician, Space Creator, Back down Punisher, Posterizer, Hyperdrive, Dead Eye, Volume Shooter, Clamp Breaker, Unpluckable…

Only 4 slots left and So many options aaargh

I put amped badge on Pippen and now I can’t get that shit off of him.

What does amped do?

I gave mines gold posterizer, deadeye, and brick wall. Silver rebound chaser since I didnt feel like paying a crazy price for the gold. Probably would have gone with clamps for his last badge but didnt feel like buying it since I use him mainly at PF.

Posterizer may be important. I just know mines dunks a lot.

Shoe +3
Close shot (for mashing /post game)
3 point
Perimeter defense
Interior defense
Speed with ball

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Able to knock down shots when fatigued I think

hi everybody

What do you mean? Can’t get it off of him?

If you add a badge to a player you can’t remove it unless you have a higher version of the badge in your collection. So if you upgrade your added badge to silver and have a gold it will give you the option to upgrade or replace when you press X/A. If you go up to gold you can’t replace the badge unless you have a HOF version of it in your collection.

A glitch that I am surprised hasn’t been fixed.