Badges on Amy Draymond

So what badges are you guys popping on Draymond? I threw on Limitless and Deep Range Deadeye and the other shooting badges to see how it went since I grabbed them dirt cheap. He’s pretty lights out from deep if he’s open.

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Pick roller, Hustle reb and charge badge

Since I accidentally put a diamond contract on him, I added a shoe &…
Corner Specialist, Deep Range Deadeye, Limitless, Put back King, Drop Stepper, & Hustle Rebounder.
I run him at the 3.


IMO I’ll be using Draymond for a very, very long time so it’s not that bad of an investment! Sure not great, but not the worst mistake.

I gave him putback,hustle Reb, posterizer, deep range, corner, specialist, relentless finisher. And red Kobes

I’m really considering popping these foamposites on him cuz hes so good… but cant bring myself to burn the potential 40k.

Hustle reb, brick wall, corner, relentless, putback

I have about 40k invested . I’d eat that for 2 weeks of play.

Pnr Maestro is a must.

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Is that badge actually effective? Never seemed to notice it much

If it’s hof and u hide&shoot behind screens, u don’t really need shooting badges. It increases your chances with rolls just like dimer increases your shooting %. Also feels like rollers offensive iq is kinda increases, they take better positions but that’s just my opinion.

I put foams on a ruby Mo Pete. You do you, man. The “value” of any of these cards is dependant on the person playing with them.

I am running Dray-Curry inverted pnr now :smiley: it works against CPU 100% times, cant wait to try it online.

That’s what i do for years. Magic-Dray, Magic-Barkley combo. Positions are legal but i’m using em inverted in game. Also helps a lot in fullcourt press but Dray’s stamina dies eventually lol.

I like how his release isnt some trash set shot this year