Badge/rep glitch fixes?

Badge/rep glitch fixes?

Holding off on my team after I dabbled in the gameplay and found the position glitch.

Got up to a 89 pro 1 and my progression has bricked. Anyone found a work around yet?

Gotta sweat

Wait for the patch

smh I tried the method of making a dummy and then switching back no luck.

Not tryna whine but it’s honestly a chore to enjoy the game rn lmao


For what it’s worth, I got my progress unstuck.

Played one my career game on a dummy. Then played a few blacktop games on my main until k got some drills. Then I played a my career game and it was unstuck. Think it has to do with always having at least 1 drill at the practice facility. It’s weird but it fixed my game :man_shrugging:t2: