Badge questions

Does relentless finisher have anything to do how your guy finishes at the rim? Or is it strictly energy based

And is dimer a big deal like it was last 2k? You basically wanted dimer on every single player you had last year, the dimer badge isnt that expensive really.

I put dimer on every player in my line up.


Always wondered about Relentless Finisher as well… The description has me thinking its only energy based but so many other people swear it helps finish odds :confused:

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By description Acrobat does what Relentless Finisher should do. But I think when they say difficult layups they only mean layups in which you double tap X to change the shot. That would also make sense with the name. Bottom line is I have no idea and badges are confusing


Lmaooooo thanks for clearing that up.

There are a few badges like these that are confusing as hell. But, luckily for you, I’m smart enough to know a few things about these badges.

Heres what i know about these badges:

I know with complete certainty that I dont know a damned thing about these stupid confusing badges.


Relentless Finisher is a super-underrated badge to me. From my observations, it absolutely improves finishing at the rim on contact dunks, layups and standing shots. It lights up on all of them. HOF Relentless is super OP in my opinion. I’m still confused why it’s so cheap

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It lights up because it’s saving you energy. Not helping your dunks go in.

The description on relentless is misleading. In tests, it increases contact layup success, somewhat dramatically. It may also reduce the amount of stamina drained from contact layups, that I don’t know.

Dimer in past years just straight boosted your shooting percentages. I am not as sure if it does that this year as well or if it just does what the actual description says: that it puts the ball in a better place for your scorer to scorer (i.e. you will get better animations off a dimer assisted pass).


Yeah dimer confuses the hell out of me

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