Badge Question (Post Players/Duncan)

So i just unlocked Duncan, yay!!!
Now i wanna badge him out.
I added Dimer, MRDE, Corner Spec & Posterizer.

Now the question, is acrobat and difficult shots the right choice for optimizing his post play? What is activated?
Am i missing a important badge to add?
DRDE is use less with 30 contested 3…
And limitless… I dont think he should take those

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Difficult shots is a must: it triggers on fade aways!!

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Thanks, wasnt sure if i remembered correctly.

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Mid Range, Dimer, Posterizer, difficult shots, corner and one man fast break for me.


Because it helps on fast breaks a lot ? I find it very useful.

Do you know when it triggers? Has 2klabs data on that? I thought it only is for the ball handler.

It helps every player, when you run fast breaks and score with that player look which badges activated.