Badge prices

Anyone else notice how absurdly priced bruiser badges are? Defensive stopper dropped to like 1500 my and deep range deadeye are just over 2000. Meanwhile bruiser is 3000+

Yes because pd Roy needs dimer and bruiser most.
Feed the Roy.

Also bruiser is a rare badge coming from packs so far i’ve seen, silver category most likely.

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Bruiser is a pretty OP badge to be honest

If your opponent runs a 5-8 man squad it’s useful.
Pretty useless agains people like me using 10 man rotation 10mins each.

Damn I got 15+ I could dump

Lol me too

45k right there homie

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I see this thread and would normally go sell all my bruiser badges but MT only $12/100k now…I don’t even want to deal with the hassle for $4 after tax haha

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quick sold a load of bruiser badges the other night, remind me next time to check the ah before fs


Bruiser, defensive stopper, dimer, limitless, drd and catch and shoot i’d say are the ones to keep an eye on.

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Yeah I always keep or sell all the shooting ones, dimer and defensive stopper but I didn’t have a clue bruiser went for anything more than quick sell value

Pretty sure corners and rim protector belong on that list.

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Yeah I get a bunch of these from TTO and just did the same with 5 of them.

Mid-range deadeye is worth more than 250 also

I might be wrong… but I think that the Bruiser badge comes in the Bronze TTO packs.

since people don’t know about bruiser’s price u can find them at good deals occasionally.

got like 6 or 7 for under 1k yesterday

Corner and Rim have been pretty cheap this year.

Badge prices are low compared to most years.

Catch and shoot you can get for like 750-800 on slow AH days.

Only Limitless and DRD to a lesser extent seem to hold higher values when the AH is in a slump this year.

Didn’t know bruiser was that expensive I got 20 of them just sitting lol

Just checked only around 1200 on ps4

Yeah i don’t know where you are seeing these prices.

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He probably bought a good amount of bruiser ending at 3k and thought that was the current price :joy: