Badge Guide/Adding badges/Tiers/Other badge questions and Glitches

Tried to sort the confusing badge system and bought all bronce badges. Most of the silver and golds as well but for the badge guide all bronce are needed to see what badges can be used on the cards. Like this you can choose the best ones and don’t waste MT by try and error.

If you can’t afford all the badges ask me here and if i have the card i will answer with a screen shot.

So if i have a new card i go to the open slot and can show all possible badges that can be used.
Example for Lanier and Howell ( upgraded already …)

image image

If you don’t want to scroll all day long for badges keep one of the important at your collection.
Like bronce/ silver/ gold handles for days, dimer, floor general or whatever.
If you need this badge just go to your collection and use the option: search at the AH.
So you can create a filter for every badge.



Thank u for ur war efforts 2k soldier :fist:t5:

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:joy: More a 2k nerd than a solider. Thanks for the thumbs up

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Lol i salute u either way bro

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Okay so do we know as of now what cards can get range and clamps etc even just at bronze

Yes. Bought kobe for a tryout and no bronce badges can be added. Same on payton.
So older upgraded cards with bronce clamps or RE will go for more.

Rolando Blackman can get Gold Clamps as well as a few other Gold defensive badges.

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Tony Allen, Dennis Johnson, Walton Range Extender bronce. Won’t make them better at 3s :joy:

If you have that badge could you check gold intimidator how much is it in the ah

about 4k

what did you add to Lanier?

Sold him for 4.5k 30 min ago. He’s 3.5-5k

Don’t remember everything.
Hof Pro Touch, he has 4 hof badges now.
Intimat. Gold
He’s at 24 gold now
and bronce:
Floor general
Defensive leader
Another defense badge, energy stays longer on tight guarding

is the badge filter on the AH broken for anyone else or is it just me?i can’t search for different colors of the badges,no matter which one i select i only see bronze badges

Yes that’s why i explain how to fix it in the post

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alright appreciate it

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Rn i have nearly all badges. One time huge effort but the upgrading takes just some minutes and you can catch the cheapest at the ah.
Worth it, maybe usefull all over this season

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Anyone know why I can’t add certain badges to players? I tried to add bronze dimer but it won’t let me. I saw on in the AH with it, so I know it’s possible. Kinda odd that I can’t add it too.

It was possible, some cards were limited to certain badges later.

Diggi es schmerzt in meinen Augen,… jedes Mal wenn ich das Menü auf deutsch sehe :joy:

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