Badge Grinding Methods

Share your badge grinding methods here y’all. Anybody know a good mid range deadeye method?

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The drills are good for a easy 2800 points for a badge but playing on Pro, 12 minute quarters and going nut gotten me to unlock 13 of my 20 badges.

I’ve got 15 of my whatever amount, I just need a good MRD method. I’ve only seen one person with it on HOF.

How are you scoring in games? Just pnr?

Cpu hedging so i can barely score in pnr

Does the harder difficulties give u more BC or the same?

I post up and let a free lance offense flow sometimes I follow it sometimes I call for the ball

More on harder difficulties

If gives you more VC and MyPoints but no bonuses to the badges

Ah I see. I’m going to try that 12 mins. Good looking out.

PNR yeah

Difficult shots: Pull-up mid in transition or PNR, then pull up off the screen
Limitless: Pull it from maybe 2 steps behind the line

PNR Maestro: Make sure the defender hits the screen, then off the screen hit a mid to also combo this with difficult shots
Dimer: Self explanatory I think?
Flashy Passer: Also self explanatory?
Tear dropper: PNR, Turbo into the key then let off, pull down on the right stick and time it
Tireless Scorer: Drain your stamina all the way, then drive into the lane and do a layup/dunk

If anybody wants my jumper or animations or something let me know y’all. Everybody eats :fork_and_knife:

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if u a pure shot creator, let me know cause im the same build

I am a pure shot

what animations u running with

I’ll post a picture after this game. 5 minutes.

okay thanks

Athletic 3 pull up is key.

im struggling to choose between athletic 3 and normal 4. i have heard both are good

doesn’t it also have to do with your jumpshot? Or no?