Back to myteam for a bit ideas?

I have a little over 200k on xbox, What needs to improve the most and with who?

get Embiid out first. honestly not sure about a replacement as I haven’t looked into more budget options lately, but check out Ralph or Oden to see how they compare.

next is Smart. PD Russ is good. this D Mike Conley looks good in attributes and badges, not sure how he stacks up in animations and player model tho.

Any decent Cs in the new spotlights?..

EDIT: looked didnt see much I liked, Might start Jokic or Thon and pick up PD Ja and Di Jabari, they seem fun and decent

jaxson hayes

Do some spot light sims

Reddish really good

Tydebo dropped 38 On me with him hahah

Definitely go for Reddish. It’s about a 2hr grind

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If i get reddish do i sell Jimmy or Rudy? I think I want Ja for sure but I wont sell Marcus for Celtics reasons so I’ll have ~70k + what one of those two sells for to get another player.

Whoever is more mt I would sell

I think also depends if you need a SG or wing more ? Cuz Rudy can’t play SG

Your no where near pd rewards are you ? RJ is really good

5 diamond players to go before PD, I could get Isaac next and sell both the PDs and replace with reddish and him.

So Replacing
Jimmy-> Reddish
Rudy -> Isaac
Smart-> Ja

170k left

IS Gerald worth replacing with Jabari? What should I do at C? are my looming Q’s

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his release is good? the 80 driviing dunk doesnt hurt too much?

You should look into Roco. His build looks fucking huge and his release off the peekaboo is crazy fast. @DjEfx has a video on it. Super cheesy.

Great defense.

Gerald is great as a perimeter defender. But post wise he is weak low strength. You can get away with him at the 3.but the 4 i wouldn’t

Centre is tough. I think embiid is an okay stop gap

I have Kareem And I’d say get him but he is so expensive. You could look at Kristaps. The moments one. Heard he ain’t bad. Heard Christian wood isn’t terrible

Personally Imma be trying to grind these spotlights and rock with them for a while and save mt. That Roco looks legit tho

His release is insanely good and the card itself is pure madness how good it is.

Man since learning the peekaboo why would anyone try a moving shot ? Lol

Got Ja and ran him with Lebron and Thon for a TTO game. Green bean machine with yams and defense. Feels real nice for a smaller PG. Working on RoCo first then cam.

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Get Bagley and Oden.
Thon Maker is a Good Option too.

Get Reddish Jonathan Isaac and Roco.