Back in my team. need some lineup help!

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this is my current lineup, I also have around 300k.
I’d like to get pd KD or pd PG for the 3 and put Roy as my backup 2.
I’m also going for D reddish today to put at the 3 in my bench.
What should I also do? better save my mt?
i also need the Cs, which are the best cheap options rn?

Get Rudy Gay.

Thon Maker or Oden or Mourning.

Where are you in the Token Market?

Embiid Beastly and RJ Barrett are solid.

Sell that Pippen Mitchell and Simmons

You can make wade your Back Up PG.

If you can get PD Embiid, get him. Otherwise at C, maybe PD Mourning for 30K. I haven’t used him, but he looks solid.

I heard that Christian Laettner is a great shooter if you like shooting centers.

I’m at the sixth diamond in token market. laettner and mourning looks strong, also oden e Sampson. not sure about Rudy gay.

Move wade to backup pg. Move roy to sg. Put rudy gay at sf. Like @LuckyKid said the 3 u need to move off of are Ben pippen and dmitch. Prob evo kareem also. If ur sold on ben get the glitched pg. That moments card isnt it.

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I get gay, moved Roy at the 2. Wade my backup 1, sold ben Donovan and Pippen.
Now need a starting C and a backup SG. Any ideas?
At C Mourning and laettner looks good option.

Either Mourning or Oden bro.
Not sure how good is that leattner but he seems slow compared to the others, statwise.

Gay is elite. Wet shot, great model. Replaced my SL Giannis.

I get mourning and bagley at the 4. Isaac at the 3 and cam will go at the 2.

Thank you all!!

Get cam reddish at the 2, Trying to get as many good free cards as you can

Javale McGee would be good for you