Back after 9 months! Build me a team for 1 million MT!

I haven’t played the game in 9 months but would like to come back and build a competitive team. What should I build with 1mm MT and what do I need to know about gameplay? I have next gen but could always go back to current gen if it’s a mess. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Comeback in a week and spend your million then. Invincible packs are most likely gonna kill everyones price next week.

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At this point in the game a milly can buy an incredible team.

Look at the USA dream team sets for great bargains on dark matter KD, Bron, Kobe to start the team off right.

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In that case, who is cheap and OP that will cost me next to nothing while I wait? I did buy Space Jam LeBron and AD. They seemed very cheap for what you get.

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USA and Space Jam players are really cheap but you’ll probably be able to get them and alot of Invincibles for well below 100k next week if they drop the guaranteed packs.

When did mm become the short for million? I always thought it meant millimeter.


Bro same I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about until I clicked the thread name :joy:

It’s all good tho. Maybe in certain countries and territories the abbreviations are different?

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Mostly used in finance imo

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M and MM can be used to mean million(s).

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:laughing: Had no idea it was so confusing! I changed the title, because, why not?!


Haha you didn’t have to do that we’re just stupid :joy:

NGL I had no idea what mm was either :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:t2:

Here’s a nice all around squad without spending too much mt on any individual card

Ak - around 110k
Josh - 65k
Lebron - 100k
AD - 100k
Wiseman - free

Magic - 20k
Rudy - 65k
Terry - free
Bamba - 65k
Bradley with speed grinches and some additional hof playmaking badges - could grab one for less than 30k

Total: around 550k