Ayton or Turner?

Both of these centers can stretch the floor, I don’t know which one is better. Turner’s D is better ut he os worse rebounder and slower then ayton. Can somebody give me their experience w those cards please. Thanks😁

Ayton was extremely good for me when I ran him and has a pretty solid release, if you got the mt just get ayton

I’ve got Turner and he is ok but not great.

I haven’t had Ayton but I’ve played against him a lot and he holds his own defensively and on the boards. Scores well too.

If I had to choose one, I’d go Ayton.

Ive used both a ton. Turner has the defensive trinity on Hall of Fame which is Post Move Lockdown, Intimidator and Rim Protector.

Hes weaker than Ayton but a better defender by a mile. Ayton however is the much better shooter with one of the best releases in the game. And has a nice player model so he still blocks shots.

So I guess its just about what you want/need at the time if you want a Lights Out shooter take Ayton if you want the better defender take Turner.

Neither one of these guys can hang with traditional Centers like Wilt, Duncan, Drob, Hakeem. They seem more suited for coming off the bench.


Agree with this. Ayton is a great budget option. Ayton runs the floor well, shoots, and rebounds. I’d say pretty inconsistent d. Better help defender imo.

I’ll put him in the Embiid KAT JJJ value but hes probably cheaper

If you don’t have any diamonds hes a good option. He gets kinda boring after awhile. Feels good but not great at anything except shooting. I was looking to replace him not because he is not worthy but I feel he’s predictable and gets boring to me after awhile. Doesn’t have much variety of shots.

Worth a try. Player model. Shot. Wingspan. Pretty nice finishing animations and dunks. I used him since he came out and just got rid of him since I have new Centers and I have Turner and Tristan Thompson locked.

Bol, Andrea B, Domantas Sabonis are all usable but I’m still reviewing

For Non 3 point Centers for d I’ll use Tyson Chandler + DeAndre Jordan


Ayton is an amazing card for me but he’s my last offensive option so he’s only gonna shoot if its a dunk or a wide open 3. He cleans the glass well

I’ve never had a problem against turner.
Ayton is like last years hedo for centers.

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Used both. Ayton wins by a mile. Huge wingspan lovelydovely animations and one of the best releases in the game. Has 2.4 bpg for me coming off the bench. If you can add an interior defending shoe on him he is steady enough on that end.


I like turner a lot, he’s just slow

Has anyone used Turner at the 4 spot? Im curious if it could work

I personally like gasol better than both… and when he gets to pd he’s close to Hakeem and has a better three ball

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He already gets killed on the break, this would make it worse imo. Unless you’re scoring every possession I don’t think it’s worth it