Ayton can wear any shoes now

Thank you 2k devs !


Worth running over PD Ewing?

Big ups 2k devs that spy on 2KGamer :laughing:


Thinking same thing too, gonna try it now

Wow, 2K watches us confirmed lol.

But hell yeah, that’s awesome

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Thank me once :slight_smile: before ‘quoting’ :cold_face:

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That was fast :grinning:

Best shoe for him?

I just tried him out in freestyle not sure how much I like his jumper … cousins way smoother

Is his jumper really slow or just wonky.

I like his jumper. Easy to time and green

Just slow , smooth but slow

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Slow as in Kobe/Hakeem/Oden or slow as in Jokic/Ewing.

I cant play with Ewing his jumper is so freaking slow.

Did they fix MPJ as well or just Ayton?


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Best shoes for him?

Kyrie Clown shoes or Kobe AD Mid imo.

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What about Porter and Knox? Give them this 2K shoes

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Best center? Might lock for Ben then

Ok they already also can wear any