Award Winners Pink Diamond Locker Code Poll

Please select who you received from today’s locker code pack.

  • Rudy Gobert
  • James Harden
  • Victor Oladipo
  • Ben Simmons
  • Louis Williams

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lmao kinsman only dude on the planet that pulled harden

How about an option for • Missed it


I was in a meeting. And the code drops.

Damn lou a troll, lol

Harden seems to be the most rare.

Ha, I was just about to post a poll about this. Can you add a “all codes used - missed card” option?

The purpose of this is to check the odds of the award cards in the actual pack itself, not really to see who missed the code. I don’t quite understand how that pertains to the poll. Far more missed it than received it… I can assure you of that

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Id love lou. I ran him for so long back when pink diamonds didnt exist lol. Man someone dropped 30 on me with amy lou like 2 months ago lol.

Dropping off my daughter to vacation Bible school. At least it was something important that we missed it for. :slightly_smiling_face:

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wow this is terrifying. Im scared to go home and check after seeing these results

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That’s true but it’s still could be an option just to see the percentage of 2kgamer users that were successful or not.

The odds of you “Not” getting Lou are actually better if more people got him. :upside_down_face:Glass half full bruh

Sorry guys, I tried to edit it. It would reset the poll entirely. Next time I promise I will include the option, I am sorry I failed to do so this time around.

I’m just curious approximately how many cards were distributed against those who didn’t receive a card. It really wouldn’t alter the results that much, but no big deal. Thanks for posting the poll though.

Looking brutal so far. 50% Lou will is laughable.

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Well fuck your brand new poll is then. JK🤗

Luckily work ended early today and got home 30 minutes before the code dropped. Entered it and got Simmons. Can’t complain :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Bruh seriously? Of course you can’t complain about getting the best pull possible.