Awanz MTU Stream Inside
Come watch subpar players fight to the death.

Carlo’s stream

What is this?

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so far this has been major BRICK BRICK

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I’m banned because I kept quitting since he couldn’t figure out how to search on time

@Carlo221 play with friends?

if u dashboard you wont get banned

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Search 3:16…

I refuse to have Carlo on my friends list. So no.

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Gladly accept me @TheSnowMan


3:16? Why so long? Search 3:08.

he did lose you money


You know he did.

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I keep telling him this, he doesn’t listen. One day he will wake up and the password will be changed.

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If we don’t match this time, what do you want to do?

You guys should go to each others houses and play imo.

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later at night is usually better when less people are on