Avoiding overall downgrade when losing

I’m playing rec most of the time nowadays. My build hovers around 96 and 98 overall. I see a lot of high overall players (96+) quit games which they are going to lose. Is there a method of avoiding the overall downgrade by quitting to preserve the actual overall?

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Why would you quit a game?
I love when most of my teammates are gone even when we loose, I let the CPU play, I call the ball when I’m open and in general those games are those that I put the highest stats

Because you’re PG is a ballhog, your teammates have no clue how to defend, lag. There are numerous reasons. If you lose you can’t get a rating above 97 no matter how good your numbers are. And if a teammate quits there is no chance to win if the opposing PG jabstep threes on the Ai.

I think so yes, this is what my squadmates who are 95+ are doing. I’m still 94. Rec is kind of a disaster without a full squad you run with which is unfortunate because it’s a very fun game mode. Randoms kind of ruin it by quitting, like you said ballhogging, or just kind of sucking in general. I’d invite you to the crew but we’re on XB next gen :frowning:

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Maybe you could ask them if there is a specific way?
Just quitting by hitting options and triangle doesn’t work. Neither does close app preserve your overall. I love the mode but playing with randoms is like lottery. I already have a blacklist of players who are just terrible teammates so I can avoid games with them.

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In past 2k quitting out of the Rec always gave my an L (and added 0.0 stats to my averages) so I avoided it. Is this different in 2k21 next gen?

I have couple games fouls out am safe?



Get god and you won’t lose overall lol just trolling but no their isn’t a method

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