Avengers: End Game Hype

Sheeesh, the tix getting sold out and insane rate in Ireland :joy: had to book them today, wowza.

They were selling out real quick in US too managed to get the last 2 seats in the theatre

How about Shazam??

I got wait till early morning sun … . :confused:

I booked them the first day they came out. And even then most of the seats for few screenings were already booked

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O yea it’s real, but I gotta do some research first on the theatres, see who has the most security, I’m not a fan of being in big crowds like that


May i ask what country you are from?

I was too late to get good seats for that Thursday, but I snagged pretty decent seats for Friday with my girl. I’m hyped, so hyped.

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Noone gives a fuck about DC

Columbia SC United States

I’m from Latvia. Basically from where porzingis comes😂