Auto subs?

If I ran a lineup with artest at 2 and Jayson Tatum at 3 would the bench option play both at the Same time or would it be weird and play bronzes bc neither has sg as second position?

When ur at the matchup screen, press I think r2 and it shows ur 5 bench guys. Put guys where u want and CPU should adhere to it although sometimes they’re still stupid

I think this will only help with when you’re doing partially auto/manual “line substitutions”…i.e. change “Starters” for “Bench” and vice-versa.

If you leave CPU to Auto Sub, fully, then it will almost never do a total team swap and there’s no telling who the CPU thinks is the more natural 2, or 3.

They dont do a team swap but they usually do what I put. Like not having Unseld at C with Horford at PF lol

Hm, okay. I feel like, even when I tailor the Bench order, if I forget to turn Subs to manual, I often get switches I don’t like.

Im too much of a pothead for manual subs and then I realize my starting 5 is gassed out by the 4th

:rofl: I’m too much of an OCDhead to let the CPU do it for me.

I’ve also been trying to not always do line subs. Be more specific, but this year’s stupid menu system that forces you to enter a sub, then back out entirely, then go back into the menu and do another sub…what a PITA.

It seems like it’s set up to allow you to rip through a bunch of positions quickly, but if you enter in three sub commands, only the first registers. Have to back out and enter and back out again, for each.

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After I got Bird, auto subs leave Bird and Harden in for longer. So some of my bench guys get way less playing time. I’m actually thinking about switching to a 9-man rotation. Amy KD and bench SG seem to get way too few minutes.

Is your AM KD the sub for DI Bird? I wonder if they keep Bird in longer because his sub is a tier down. Hardened badge might play a role in things, but so many cards have that, anyway.

Maybe, the way you play, Bird and Harden tend to get hot?

I think the best way to sub is to take that momentum into account…try to ride out the benefit so long as you’re not fucking up other things such as defense vs. offense balance.

I have auto subs but do some subs manually on the fly when needed. But Idk why they wanna keep Bird in. He hasn’t gotten too hot.

Hard to say. But Bird gets hot really easily for me. Definitely my most reliable shooter and because he’ll get opportunities to throw down by attacking a closeout, or making a big defensive play, he is one of the guys likely to have momentum…for me.

I use auto subs strictly and manage my players minutes very precisely before hand. When I do what @508G37 has recommended I find the CPU adheres to it quite closely.

Only real issue I have is if I am running an OOP PG off the bench… if I have a natural PG somewhere in my 11th-13th spots then they might get thrown out there instead.

Yup. I have issues with wanting a 3 playing 2 or 4, as well.

I just hate CPU mistakes with subs enough that I do it all manually, but I’m sure it generally works fine for people.

I never really go small ball but luckily the CPU has no problems with putting Kawhi at the 2 and D Rob at the 4 where I want them.

If the quick menus you were also just lambasting weren’t so shitty I would go full manual as well but after my initial settings adjustments (god forbid at least my controller settings could save) and juggling matchups as often as is necessary; I don’t have enough pause time to sub through there. I don’t like calling unnecessary timeouts just to get subs in either when momentum is so vital in this game as well.