Australian Gamers

Im located in Australia.

Basically I opened 40 packs using MT and pulled only 2 Amethyst - Amethyst AD & Amethyst Casey.

Ridiculous yeah? Just wondering are there any Aussie fams getting lucky?

OR 2k is trying to apply price differentiation?

LOL :rofl:

Sucks to hear man, ill be pulling a 20 in about an hour or so. I wouldnt be putting money into this game this late in the cycle.

damn good luck bro

Actually wondering the same for us in uk

Got a derozen out of a 20. Oh well lol

Got 2 Unicorn from 40 packs lol

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Sorry for that L

2k scamming all over world lol

:joy: lol

i dont open packs but a friend of mine pulled kyrie today

Opened 1x20, 1x10 and a bunch of singles at around 3:30am (which i assume just 30mins after the packs were released)

1 x pd derozan
1 x d shoes
2 x amy shaq

Ive never seen anything above Amy after I topup over 600 AUD on this funny game

That’s tuff.

To Aussie gamers here - what’s ur internet connection and how’s ur online gaming experience? Specifically mtu?

I’m on TPG broadband and the lag in mtu is unbearable these past few days

Been using Belong, has been alright.

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I got nbn and it lags. I hate it.

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Yeah, we have limited options here for quality connection.

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I’ve got Telstra NBN with the speed boost 100/40, fibre to the premises (fastest speed possible) and I still lag in MTU man. Everyother game I play is fine though. CoD, Apex, BL2, Diablo 3 all fine but 2k lags


Dammit, so it must be 2k’s infrastructure then.

I can’t experience the same smooth gameplay i see in YouTube. It’s like they’re playing offline.

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