Aussies I need your help

What time do u guys put up your auctions for
I live in melbourne and i’ve put my cards up and they’ve sold for probably 20-30k what the others sell for and i want to maximise the amount of mt i make

time it either mid morning or late arvo in US eastcoast

My fellow Melbourne man. I usually time mine to end around 10/11am which is 8/9pm US east coast.

Unless you’re selling over the weekend then I aim to end around 4am Monday morning which is afternoon Sunday in the US.

At the end of the day it’s a bit of a crap shoot though, no guarantee they sell well. Best bet is to put up cards to end with big gaps around it with no other of that card ending.

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Not from Melbourne but I think it’s pretty universal that if your selling a high priced card it’s more about the gap between yours and the last one available.

i put mine to end 2am aussie time.

I target the Asian primetime market

Yeah I often put mine up to end overnight, at around the 2 or 3am mark

Best time to buy I’ve found is around the 5pm to 8pm window, i.e. when Americans are sleeping lol


Agreed, you can usually get the high end cards up to 50 k cheaper in those windows.

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Any of you Aussies on at the moment want to match up in the 20 token multiplayer and give each other a quick quit/win? Can’t seem to find a match