Aussie folk: retrie_mc is a sub glitcher

Got video of it. Bitch trying to claim he doesn’t know what I’m talking about… How fucking stupid are these kids?

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They always say that lol

I’m still here clicking continue… he didn’t take the ban warning and back off like they usually do. Any other tips?

Just wait it out, tell him you’ve sent it off to 2k and that you’ll forward him the YT link, and that you hope the sub glitching was worth the ban.

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I have a screenshot that usually scares them saw it online it’s a Facebook post with Ronnie or somebody from 2k saying they are banning people for the sub glitch. I usually send it to them and they continue asap. Lmao

I’d send it over but shit I can’t find it right now

hahaha, my dumb ass tried to share the video clip and it suspended the 2k app. Cop that loss trala!

You both got the L?

Nah just me. 2k didn’t warn me that the app would suspend if I tried to share so I clicked continue. The app suspended and I got the loss.

Fuck em

Reported him to 2k but will probably get myself banned for selling MT, haha

In the end he knows he got beaten which is good enough for me. He was running Simmons at point to my Jerry West. He ran 5 out and blow by all game but lost to my play calling.