Aus Open

Any tennis fans here?

Anybody watching Kyrgios sulk his way to another loss?

Man this guy is a fucking idiot


As an Australian, between him and Bernard Tomic it’s a sad representation of our country on the big stage. Add onto that our cricket squad and it’s painful to watch


He is just impossible to back. Has all the talent and the tools, but unfortunately thinks he’s above working for a win. He expects to just waltz into a grand slam final, and if it doesn’t happen he acts like a child out there.

Just such a lack of respect for his opponent every time

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Don’t forget about big PAPA, the US blokes wouldn’t have a clue about him


Don’t forget our Rugby team! :frowning_face:

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This might come as a surprise but I back the man. I don’t like the way he carries on and his outbursts but I have no issue with his lack of effort. He’s a 23 year old kid getting paid millions to barely try at a sport he clearly doesn’t really love. He goes out there, plays with flare, plays aggressively and gets paid handsomely. He’ll mature at some point too and limit those outbursts but I can’t think of many things more Australian than half assing something and talking shit about it. He’s a perfect representation of the average Australian… Haha


Guy has all the talent but such an awful attitude that it’s taking a huge hit on his career, shame

If cousins is an Australian?

Alex De Minaur is an Aussie you can back!

Krygios reminds me of kuzma with attitude lol

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Big Papa wishes he had a very big rock to hide under right about now lol

@trala7 i tried. I was backing him up until last year, then I was just done. I got sick of trying to defend his actions and let him off on them because he is talented, and he’s Australian.

I get the whole thing about a kid being paid a lot. I get he doesn’t love the game but happens to be good at it, but he should still respect his opponent. He’s choosing to be there, and if he doesn’t want it, he should probs walk away and use the fame to try something else for a bit. He may find it’s what he actually loves and return with a better attitude.

There are sooooo many people that would kill to be there, and have that opportunity

Atleast we have the greatest boxer to have ever liveddownload

Big papa’s bigger than Jordan apparently

:joy::joy::joy: in his own mind



What a freak of nature though

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Yet the self proclaimed “greatest 5/8th ever” (lol ok Choc) couldn’t even beat out Matty Johns for a NSW and Aus jumper :joy::joy::joy:

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As a Jokic fan i can only stay loyal to the jokers and Serbs, so go Djokovic!


He just murdered his opponent too

I’m not big on tennis (my nan makes me watch it when i take the family visit her) but Novak would have to be my fave player rn.