Auction unlock

Hi guys. If I dont have xbox live how do I unlock the auction house?? it says I need to play unlimited isnt that myteam online?

Yea. Gotta win unlimited game. Triple threat game both online and off. Gotta win a weekly challenge and something else. But yea its all myteam it will tell you what to do.

So basically, without xbox live you are out of the AH

yea that suck tho for people who play offline mode. last year you can still unlock auction house even without playing online at all

You can try and send a ticket, you got nothing to lose.

yea ill try but probably they wont do anything

You can get a Xbox live trial for 2 days.

I dont have Xbox Live, I Used to but haven’t paid in months. They even send me a message saying my Xbox Live has been Suspended. I can still play online though :smile: