Auction Prices?

Will Iggy go back up? I’m ready to sell him since im close to Ak47, Also those rubies from last week will they go up? (Peja, Jones, Chandler) i have a couple to sell.

@Knezius may you help me out with answers auction God? And anyone else.

The rubies did not go up that much… maybe because they’re on the token market. They might increase in value in a few days though.

Yea man that sucks, lmao as soon as i was about to start finessing the 2k market they get added to Token Market.


Id wait a bit for historics. Thats what im doing. They cant do down in price really since u cant really pull them besides from token market. Which is a bad investment anyways

True. I just thought at least iggy would go up lmao

I swear they saw us talking about it on here lol.

Had to bro, 2k got eyes on the forum trust


I guarantee they scan us and reddit. Too much is said on here that gets fixed on patches… can’t be coincidental.

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Well they came here banning people last year over some stuff

Just in case they see this:
2k, please consider the 2KG staff as influencers for 2k19 lol.

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I’d love to sucker influence someone in the face

lol j/k

Too many people selling, i dont think Iggy will go up much, maybe 110k ? For a brief moment. Lmfo i should have bought that heat check Leonard yesterday.

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I got 127k for him half an hour ago, diamond contract and bc shoe

Mine is naked got him for 68k so ima just throw up buy now and make the lil profit

You’ll get profit no matter what at that price

Enjoy him man hes awesome, maybe we can run a friendly one day

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I doubt he sells for much more being naked, can you imagine him doing good without clotches ?

I sold him lol I’m leaving MyTeam for a month or 2 so i figured I’d sell everybody i can and then jump back in with some MT for new guys

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Man, none of my stuff is selling on PS4. I’ve already had to repost David West, Pistol Pete, and Mashburn, all with diamond shoes. I thought everyone would be buying like crazy, but it’s the opposite.

A lot of sellers, you might try to resell again just before tourney tho.