Auction is fixed

When you can’t afford the player one week and then you can but the price rose so you can’t is when you know the auction house is fixed. 4th week in a row card sells for 100k - 130k when i don’t have the mt but rockets to 160k when i do have 100k - 130k. No this game doesn’t know how much mt i have and isn’t sucking as much mt as possible from me. Nothing strange going on at all.

I think the general AH rule is “sell on weekends, buy on weekdays”


there are some thing i believe 2k kinda does behind the scenes… some examples:

-improved odds upon return from extended leave
-more money spent, slightly better odds

but this… i think is reaching man. the auction house fluctuates constantly… especially at this time of the game because the overall activity changes a lot. i get that it sucks, but i don’t think 2k themselves can effect the auction house like that.


Dude there’s a minumum buy on cards. Let’s say the AH breaks as it does and cards are goin on the cheap. 2k kicks in and says naw if they don’t bid x amount then we get the bid over them.

Other than that you don’t know what time in the game I am in. I am playing 2k20 and at this time of the game which is dead you can see some shady shit.

I just don’t see a reason for 2k to do that. Especially on 2k20? It can’t even be MT farming sites trying to control the market, coz the player base is tiny there.

it’s most likely not 2k man :rofl: there are mt sites that price fix. 2k doesn’t touch anything with auction house… except maybe the servers.


Sells are still made, vc mt. Suck every last drop till it’s gone. Baron davis will sell for 500k and he still pops up here and there.

are you trying to say that 2k does this?

Look man if i have baron davis then i would have sold him long ago as any normal player would have at this point. No one should be selling him because you either got him and are satisfied or the game puts them in here and there for the remaining big spenders.

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confusion…. the game doesn’t put players anywhere. it would be way more obvious than just a baron davis from 2k20

I don’t understand why from 2k’s perspective they even have an AH. If you want a card just hope you get lucky in packs. Wouldn’t that make more sense for them? Maybe do reasonable exchanges and have some more options with tokens as non pack options.

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I doubt they’d want to be obvious.
Here’s another glare. 2k20 is a dead game but certain cards are sellable. Who the fuck is buying all these bill waltons? Everyone has him with all the youtube hype he got, 1st opal many got but he still sells. It’s because they have people buying him to keep the game going. They can even track if they bought 1 from you already. They only buy 1 per week from you and if by accident they buy 2 then they won’t buy another for 2 weeks. So you have them messing with the auction house in that way but no they wouldn’t do anything else other than that.

The auction house doesn’t seem rigged to me. The only ways it would be rigged is normally when there are glitches. Like last few years someone would bid once on a card and it would disappear off the market until it finished out its timer.

I think when you notice the glitches you can work around most of them. Like the more you specify what card your looking for in the auction, the more come up in search. Sometimes people are paying the lowest price that pops up but its not normally the lowest price.

It just takes 2 bidders to start a bidding war. No one thinks 2k is that 2nd person from time to time? You can cause everyone to shell out more just by making a single bid and 2k knows better than anyone that if you want the card then you’ll pay all you have if you have to and you’ll make/buy more if you need to.

If you don’t bid on a guy you might not know the max bid. For example the current winning bid might be 130k but that person may have bid 160k

I could have made the bid a few times like I was 5k from 100k or 5k from 120k but i didnt try to make the 5k extra cause isn’t it strange that I’m just 5k off?.

But you don’t actually know how far off you really are until you bid

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Auction house is definitely rigged against me I just sold inv kareem for 159k but all the others are selling for the high 200k range and my inv giannis sold for 190k but the other ones are selling for 240k and up mine even had 70 badges makes no sense and. I also hate the 10% tax just make it 5% I’ve easily lost over 1mil of mt just from tax this year

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What are you talking about? I can see a bid that is higher than my total mt amount. Yes there is that hidden bid but no you can watch this shit and know it’s rigged

It’s just bad luck bro. I bid on a Yao (more to test my luck) for 890k and i got him and 80k MT back. And he sells for like 950k-1.1m. It’s unlucky as hell but i think it’s just bad timing.