Auction House

The auction house on 2k is so shitty compared to the auction house on Madden Ultimate Team. In MUT you can post something for an hour, post the bin for however much you want, cancel an auction if nobody has bid on it yet (if you post on accident). Cmon 2k, get better



an actual auction block would hurt their bottom line in the long run

so u can almost forget about getting one lol

You right about that. If you make a mistake and put a top card for 100k buy now you screwed.or when you put a card up a little higher then other cards and the price keep dropping. You got to wait 4 hours till it run out if time.


Ea > 2k painfull to say


Live 18 ultimate team > 2k18 mt by far. The only thing 2k really had was a name and better dribble animations. Not a single time last year (I played all the way til the end of the cycle which is saying something) did I feel like the game wad screwing me. Every week multiple legends would drop, and for $7 you had a guaranteed pack to get one of them. Multiple events, although not as diversified as themes in 2k. Dynamic rookie cards. Tons of Free 99’s during playoff time (if you kept up with offline). Then this year it’s like $100 for a guaranteed 88 overall in live 19 lol.

The ability to cancel auctions put up by accident would cause snipers to have a stroke lol 2K’s AH this year is seriously atrocious though, even last year’s was better than this one. It’s now slower, you can only scroll through 1 line of items at a time (compared to two), you can no longer sort your own auctions by active and unlisted, and the name glitch STILL exists. I remember back in 2K15 you were able to put cards up for like 1 hour or 6-8 hours, there was definitely mire variety but then overall they took all that away to make the AH worse for the players, likely because they want you to buy packs instead of just making MT off of the AH.


Is MUT any good? Madden is on sale… and I’m considering trying it out just to take a 2K break.

How about tiles like the sets
And Not just one long bar that scrolls slow

2k15/16 still goat ah…

For once I agree Carlo

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i’d rather have them fix the listings first… how often do you have to hit a certain BIN amount to even get to see all auctions… shit drives me mad when i have 20 different results everytime i jump up 50 mt

Madden’s auction house is not ideal also. A lot of invisible items there.
For example, let’s look at the strong safeties:

No 95 ovr Jamal Adams on the auction now, right?


P.S. 97 ovr Steve Atwater kinda looks like Giannis, don’t you think?

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This 5000000x better than 2k’s auction house. It allows you to easily find the cheapest up card you’re looking for. Easy to quickly find stuff

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