Auction House today

You think its worth selling all the high value cards now before the weekend finishes…

I think march madness has set a new benchmark for OP cards to come… Amythest are getting HoF badges, Diamonds getting 4 HoF badges and crazy stats…

Think its wise to sell now or mid week… dont know if auction house will rebound from this crash… LBJ and Kobe seems like permanent dmg

2k will hit another dry spell. Prices will go up.


Same here

I got giannis back and AD this weekend, prices was really low, couldn’t resist.

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I’ve been thinking of the same thing I took too many L’s on Bron, Danny Roy Yao to name a few lol wondering if it’s best to sell the cards now or wait for the rebound of the market my MT bank can’t take anymore L’s man haha

When was AD low? I’m checking the price on a regular basis and he’s always hovering around 450K.

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I got one 1 with d contract and 3p badges for 401k. No shoe. It was midnight/close to morning for us.

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The time everyone almost sleep ,they’re quite low that make me want to buy him back

Ok, that’s pretty good. I’d get him for 300 as locking Oscar depleted my resources.

I have tried 300 range a lot when Melo happened, even didn’t work on Friday night. Must be a big men release to find him cheaper, he basically has no alternative right now so price is kinda stable.

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I use Laettner over AD and I can accept the gap

What is he like? He’s a part of the set, but I haven’t used him yet.

It’s a good rental player for me before D-Rob release , cash release and only weekness is his 87 strength and 70+ speed

So you run him at center?

Yes he can actually grab boards due to his HOF hustle rebounder tho

He can’t keep up with Giannis, Wilt etc… tho. I have Sabonis already, need someone better on defense. I have a CL with cp3s btw :joy:

Just cop Shaq back lol

AD is the only auctionable guy who is able to cover as much ground as Wilt in defense and also can shoot :innocent: I try to get a Shaq around 200-220.

I get Shaq with diamond shoes for 228k

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Just waiting for lbj to go up in price and melo to eventually level out at 300 when bird comes out to get melo and Oscar so hoping that happens for me