Auction House scrolling

This shit is unbearable lol. So slow. Does anyones go fast scrolling across or is there a special button or something. At this rate it’s going to be unusable when everyone’s got the game and has cards up

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I havent found a way to make it quicker but i guess u gotta snipe specific filters now

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The scrolling is fucking terrible.

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I’ve been searching with filters, its faster to back out and change the filter then to scroll

Yep gotta go back to 2k17 sniping

Yeah scroll sniping looks dead.


I decided i wanted Gerald Wallace so i used the collection screen to go to the AH to buy him, worst mistake ever! Scrolling to find a decently priced 1 took forever. Scroll sniping isn’t just dead, 2k assassinated that shit

2K trying to kill my snipe game, not going to happen I will prevail.

It puts everyone at the same disadvantage though. So I dont think its necessarily dead. It is however extremely annoying

I’m not loving that it takes about an hour to put up 50 auctions… why the hell do I have to scroll past my currently listed items? What happened to the ‘unauctioned’ view?


It’s game-breakingly bad. Absolutely unacceptable that anyone has to deal with this. This company can eat a dick. Never again.

On a side note, anyone need any MT on XB1?

It’s pretty effin bad. I’m developing a damn face twitch every time I have to painfully scroll through each card every time… Game is dope but the AH can suck a dick.


They want to make the process as bad as possible so people stop sniping.


You took the words right out of my mouth. This wasn’t a fuck up on their part. They want to make the market as unattractive as possible to snipers to encourage pack openings

And you guys are ok with it? My 2nd grade daughter can figure out that it’s clearly done on purpose. You really want to give your time and money to a company like this?

Too late lol

The game is fun to play this year though. That’s why I was sold

Gameplay is sick. Curry is the real splash bro. Way too fun.

Glad to hear it, man. I played my second game of domination yesterday, and was so bored I almost turned it off in the 3rd quarter. To each their own, I suppose.

This makes filtered sniping the way to go for sure. Its so damn slow though. Just putting your own cards up is painstakingly slow