Auction House Redeem Glitch

I bid and won a bid on James Harden about an hour ago. When I redeemed it in the auction it gave me the MT difference from what I bid but the card was never placed in my collections. Now my MT for buying harden is gone and the card is nowhere in my collections?

Has anybody else ever experienced something like this? and was it fixed by 2ksupport? I’ve already submitted my ticket.

thats tough. hope you get your mt or card back

That sucks, I thot this was gonna be a good glitch lol


You definitly won the card. 2k better fix that. You should also add a screenshot of it with the complaint, then they will prioritize it, because this glitch could be happening to many other people

I don’t have a screenshot or recorded clip it took me about 20mins to even figure out what had happened. I was looking through my entire set confused as where the card was. Now i’m about 500k MT down and no james harden in my collection

Im assuming 2k has logs of auction house transactions for each accounts they can just look at and confirm.

I don’t have any experience with there ticket system, that’s why i was curious if anybody on here has had support tickets fixed.

I haven’t heard many good things about their ticket system but hopefully you get your stuff back , good luck brother let us know how it went

So, I’m sorry to say you probably quick sold the card by accident. With lag you mostly likely hit send to auction but it registered as a quick sell. I know this is 99% likely as it happened to me a few weeks back. I swore I sent the card back And as soon as I saw he wasn’t in my collection I clipped it. Turns out the lag was so fucking bad it sold a Simmons with 5 added hof badges (I believe it was that many). I submitted a ticket at the time but have no heard a peep since. I’d say you should chalk it up to a loss considering you didn’t even clip the moment you lost the card. Sorry man it sucks

I cant just accept an L like that, I will be a thorn in there side until I receive a response

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I just read this message, there is 0 shot you get hour card if you didn’t clip it. There’s also 0 chance 2k keeps track on an action by action basis. They can barley support the dam game. I’m just being honest with you, 1. 2k support might be the worst support of any company on earth 2. It’s better to accept that you most likely quick sold harden and even on the off chance you didn’t and it was 100% 2K’s fault it wouldn’t matter cuz you have no proof. I say this so you can stay operating knowing you lost that 500K instead of expecting/hoping 2k returns it.

It’s better off, I went threw this no more then 2 weeks ago. It blows brotha sorry again.

lol sounds like your taking 2 L’s then. Hopefully you see that, your best over 500k along with letting 2K hold you hostage (metaphorically). Instead of accepting that it’ll take a month or two for them to respond. When they do respond they will say … “sorry but with out any verification we are unable to do anything in this situation …we look to improve our game next year”.

Since this would all consume your time that would hypothetically be L number 3. Good luck, when it starts to sink in that everything I said is accurate. At least your have the info and hopefully fortitude to put it behind you, good luck brotha.

You sound/are like the biggest buzz kill i‘ve ever seen


Umm lol … feel free to let me know how trashing 500k only to hold on to the hope that 2k will somehow do the right thing and comp their customer back is in anyway positive/ Something that’s even possible to be buzz killed, the situation is the definition of a buzz kill my guy.

Bu hey if you have a way of looking at it that the community is missing I’m all ears?.

OR I’m saving someone a TON of time and stress over A situation that unfortunately will not change. Not only am I saving him time, this kid can now go try to make the MT back and not spend unnecessary MT with the thought that 2k at some point will send him this MT back. Not to mention the guy basically said this would eat at him till 2k answered. Now when he doesn’t get an email outside the originally follow up they send for weeks he can assume I was correct (if he doesn’t believe me) and at that point cut his losses.

No matter how you look at it this situation sucks and me telling him/anyone who has to deal with 2k for an issue like this the truth can only help, even if the truth blows…

It really wasn’t that hard took me less then 5mins to fill out a ticket. I’m just going to choose to be optimistic about the situation i’m really not losing sleep over it lol.

I never said it would eat at me either, I said I would be a thorn in 2k’s side meaning I will keep pestering them until I get a response as most people in this post implied that 2k support never responds.

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Do you man, the ticket isn’t the frustrating part what’s frustrating is there a lack of care towards responding or giving a shit about making a situation whole.

Be as optimistic as you’d like, i simply told you the truth and set you’re expectations properly. How you chose to execute is all on you brotha. Good luck, I’m still waiting to hear back on my 2nd email… it’s been 16* days And I had video proof

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Have you bid on cards recently? When I buy a lot of cards it can sometimes bug out in outcomes, like if I bid on a card 4 hours from now then one 1 minute from now usually the 1 min one doesnt appear until 4 hour one expires

Yea I was bidding on Hardens all day trying to find one under 500k.

It said card won with /17,200 MT left over. I redeemed send to collection got the 17,200 MT cleared my auctions and nothing in my collections lol.

oh didnt read the thread properly my bad, assumed it wasnt showing up

If that’s the case, you may eventually find it in your collection. Have you turned it off and on again? :rofl: But seriously, if you didn’t quick sell it, I’m 90% sure you’ll eventually get it. It’s either your game’s issue so it’ll take time or it’s stuck in 2k’s server somehow and they can release it for you.

If you haven’t got it sorted by now, try quick selling a random shoe or injury card after turning it fully off (exit by quitting on the dashboard).

Sometimes in the past when I’ve not had auction outcomes appear in my collection that quick sell of a random card has brought it all through.

Good luck

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I tried this on current gen and nothing happened. Going to have a friend try it on next gen. At this point i’m just waiting for my ticket to get responded to.

Just unfortunate

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