Auction House meltdown

Seriously fuck this company.

I go to sell PG13 today to play it safe and ensure I get at least 700-800k.

Maybe could have gotten 1million If I waited until KG drops, but didn’t want to risk 2k releasing superpacks.

Just logged in to see he sold for 340k


He was ending over 600k just this morning when fewer buyers were awake/active.

Fuck these servers and this trash auction house where you can’t even see the real prices or bids that have been placed.

Not buying 2k20. Enough is enough.


My kobe sold for 170 fucking thousand this morning. Hate this game


I hope their fucking trash servers cause the KG launch to be an utter disaster.

I hope it costs them thousands when people can’t open packs and stop buying.

That’s the only thing that can get their attention.


If people buy VC for those packs after this shit show of a 2 weeks then there’s really not much else we can hope for to get people there…


That is traaaaaash, I feel for you man. sold mine two days ago for 650k, such BS


Damn they went for 880 about 3 hours ago lol

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anyone on that can give a pd tmac and pd AD price check on ps4?

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Feel bad for you guys… I feasted but I feel for you guys. Wrong place at the wrong time…

Probably can’t check unless you bid on them

so they aren’t BIN?

If you keep refreshing, eventually they will show up

I put up my yao not too long ago. When prices were all the way up. Probably gonna go for nothing now

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Yeah I got shafted for some cards too. I’ll take my L. Posted my Yao, Harden, Magic and got minimalI guess auction ending at 8-9am is your best bet now?!

I’m here taking L’s too my dawgs

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I got over 200K for my Yao. I put him up last night. Whats up with the AH? Only like 10 Lebrons are showing up?

Same. My GO lebron sold for 240K. Fuck this 2K. Anyone think they’ll do something if we open a ticket

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Now we know how it feels to live in Belgium. No AH. Lmfao.

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There’s a PG for sale for 713k right now with 2 min to go, this auction is too Wild

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Facts. Fuck 2k.

I’m sorry to hear about your auctions bro


Was checking prices on players and the AH only had 5 GO Kawhis, 2 GO Birds and 2 GO Magics. Glad i didnt sell anything today.

Also tried buying 3 DRD badges today and it was saying user bought on all the ones 2k and higher but I increased the search to 3k and some for 1,200 and 1,300 showed up with 13mins left and I was able to buy those. Crazy wish I had 300k probably could get some high end guys.

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