Auction house idea

I know 2k sets caps on bin to 100k to reduce the whole cards selling for crazy Mt.

But what if they took off the cap for bin but capped the max bid at 100k

So you can price your card as you please, but you still can price your card as you please but buyers can still pay what they want if they’re patient

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Wait I’m not sure I fully understood you

You want 2K to let the bin be as high as the sellers wants but cap the maximum starting bid to 100k?


So you can price Kobe for going prices so you don’t have to wait for hours.

People that pull Kobe could list him at 1m or whatever price they want when he comes out,of someone wants to buy at 1m so be it, but the max he can post for bid will be 100k, that way, the buyers can still decide how much to pay via bid.

Then a going rate for cards would be established and the bins would start to settle at what cards usually sell for at the end of bids

That’s not a bad idea but I think 2K will never do that

No one will put anything up for bid , just bin .

This wouldnt work because bids set the market. No one would have any idea as to what to put their cards at BIN wise

We had such a system in 2k15 , it was lunacy , the drose card on went for a million for a long time

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Well no, your card would have to have a minimum starting bid like it does now, so regardless if someone posts cards for 1m, people can still bid on their card

But the cards that are at a BIN for 1m will still have the bid on them.

You wouldn’t be able to post cards just for bin, you still have to put a bid amount, just like in the auction house now.

This is actually a great idea :+1:

If the bid cap is blocked to 100k it’s all good

You can put a card to a 1M bin, but the starting bid can’t be higher than 100k. It would regulate the market and set the prices. And also would allow us to buy a card for 350k bin instead of waiting 4h

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Fifa had Pele going for no less that 10million with this

I heard ea controlled the market on fifa and set caps and floors on cards

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They do

Yeah, they set it in the middle of the game cycle after there were no ceiling they placed one at 1 million. So at that point i had every legend card going for 2-3mil each instantly worth no more than 1 mil. Again this was in like fifa 15 or 16. Only people that lose are the average players and budget ballers. Good luck obtaining the dope card unless you pack him because he will get bid all the way to the top until the end of cycle

Oh I get what you mean , yes that would definitely work , it’s something like setting a min bid of 500 and a bin of 100k