Auction house glitch


Search PD Kareem with 500 min BIN
Returns 1 result:

Then remove the 500 min BIN, and this is the one listed… Someone explain this. It had to be a glitch. You may have to search a few times to get the list to refresh.

I’m not surprised the auction house doesn’t work right. I’d be okay if they went back to every 15 minutes if they can’t fix these issues.

The auction house has not been updated for more than an hour already…

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It was showing PDs at 100k w/ like 2 min left but when I bid it jumped to like 250k. Visual glitch most likely.

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Just saw the same. Thought I was about to get PD LeBron for 100k lol

Servers are fucked… what else is new smh. Saw the same thing this morning… cards with 100k bid with 45 seconds left, but i bid and it jumps up

Man people were throwing a lot of good cards up for bin bird Dominic pippen