Auction House Glitch Pick ups

How do I get all these cards for cheap on the auction house? I know I’m not gonna get a card like Shaq or Bron but how would I be able to pick up a good card for cheap?

Be on the AH 24/7 and bid on damn near everything when you notice the AH being glitchy, or just be lucky

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Is the auction house back to normal?

Can we PLEASE just DM this info. If you want to make bank then talking about it doesn’t help talking about it in an open forum. Just my two cents


‘Normal’ for the AH is glitched.

“Please tell me the in depth secrets and how to’s in taking advantage of the auction house that no one knows hehe lemme just post it here in this public forum for all to see”

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No need to patronize the OP.

You’re talking about an immaterial change in long odds, it’s like someone complaining that another person entered the lottery


The fact that people get mad and are stingy about giving information out to people genuinely wanting to know makes me want to snitch about it even more. Like come on it’s no secret at this point


That being said, this is all sort of random, the time changed, I guess there may be a method to the madness, but even then, like others said, you’d have to be most of your day in AH to get a feel for it, and I think most of us don’t have that type of time or commitment in doing so, so those few that do, they get to reap their reward

Feel sorry for the guys that lose mt on their player sales

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For A company that polices a video game so much they sure do let a lot of stupid shit happen


I mean people constantly posting about it on an open forum isnt just one person entering the lottery

People are selfish. They want secrets when they’re out of the loop and once they’re in they wanna shut the door

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How’s that selfish lol

I agree

Maybe wait for an ebook to come out. Just a matter of time. :grin:

If you find a gold mine are you going to post the location on Facebook?

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The numbers are so small it’s more or less the same

Lmao don’t compare a gold mine to a virtual currency for a video game

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