Auction House finally working! Xbox 1

Working flawlessly for me currently 11:29 pst on xbox1

when it comes to posting however I just tried to redeem a sold auction and it just dissapeard?

Same thing just happened to me! Wheres my money

i logged out of myteam then logged back in and i think it added

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back out of myteam and back in. youll have it. i redeemed 177k and it disappeared i was about to lose my sh*t

Any one know how ps4 is

Ok that worked. 40k Mt is alot,but it’s enough

Ps4 is fine aswell

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Fuck yeah finally

Maybe now I can finally pick up a Caruso

is now a good time to list opal kd and for how long?

It’s late at night this is when prices are usually the lowest, I’d wait

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even if i set it for 24 hrs? I couldnt list a single auction the entire day

Idk, but I think it’s a risk to have a bid card ending around a low volume time

It’s not true fully. Because ah has been terrible during the day there is Nothing posted. Low end cards like badges. Logos jerseys and shit going much higher than normal …

Working good for me as well. Sad we have to wait until the wee hours of the morning though

But if it’s fixed then everything will return to normal

It never stays fixed long enough lol. Servers are so ass

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It’s not fixed lol. It was like that last night. My guess is when the traffic volume is down in the A.M, it’s slightly functionable. It will be back to trash by tomorrow.


no Need to create such a thread every day at the same time. ist always working in the morning-noon (europe). just wait until the US is awake and -> DANG. This wont Change anymore

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