Auction house dry as hell, player cost

The price on players are booming right now. Trying to add onto my team but 2k is making it difficult this morning lol. Obviously it’s early and there isn’t many people on the servers. But since 2k hasn’t been dropping much content, I guess it’s making people spend a little bit more than they want to for players.

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Qualifier is later on today

It was yesterday, is there another today?

Except it wasint ,it was error party.

Oh, I didn’t even know, so they re-scheduled it for today, gotcha.


We knew it was gonna be a dry weekend with no Friday release. But I’m cool with it. This is the first weekend my cards haven’t lost value since before Xmas.

Too many unwanted cards released this month tbh shaq would not fix that at all.

what filters do yoou guys use for silvers?

Hopefully badge prices recover. I’m sitting on a bunch I bought on the cheap when Roy dropped

My dimaond contract shaq sold for 198k mt. I’m not complaining

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