Auction alerts! (xbox)

I will be posting from time to time card info’s that i am not looking to buy, but one might be interested to get it for himself or to resell and whatnot.

Fully Badged IGGY with limitless, drd and etc 100k bin.


D’Antoni 10k bin

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Missed it. Just good looking lol

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I just missed AI with shoe for 100k BIN, R.I.P


If you see this topic go up check out pronto, these things dont last too long. Someone from forum might snaged that D’Antoni tho.

Yeah. I had just opened up my laptop and went asap, but I took too long lol.

Casey 9.5k bin


Another Casey for 9.5k

Lanier 20k can resell for at least 2k profit if not more in the evening.

2 Ben Wallace 100k bin.

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Sure hope that’s a snipe lol. I just bought one. Saw the other one up for 130K

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Its pretty risky, they go up as much as 140k, when non around for hours, at random times, so i rather not (without shoes/contracts), good luck tho, try to time it when non are around before you put in.

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100K is solid I would say.

Thanks for doing these, I wish I had mobile notifications for this thread lol

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Awesome stuff OP

Iggy 97.600, only bin Iggy in AH right now.

image thread

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Cheap Stackhouse 22200

2 more Stackhouse 20k each.

Edit: gone in seconds.

shit. I just realized this is Xbox